Saturday, 3 June 2017

Week 7 - Web Search Engines

When we talk about search engines, the most popular one and most commonly used is Google followed by Bing and Yahoo. Basically web search engines is a program designed to search documents and information based on the keyword entered in World Wide Web (also known as www)
Search engines can be installed anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop and many more where you can access using the internet.

How Search Engines Work?

I used to understand when I enter any keywords i wish to find, the google will find it for me. But as learn more, actually I'm searching the index google instead of google itself. They are called spiders that functioning to fetch source from few webpages and link to another webpages and all the information grabbed by the spiders will be shown on its search lists. Video below will explain more about it

From the page >click< Once a page has been crawled, the data contained within the page is processed and indexed. Often, this can involve the steps below.
Strip out stop words.
Record the remaining words in the page and the frequency they occur.
Record links to other pages.
Record information about images or other embedded media.

The data collected above is used to rank the page and is the primary method a search engine uses to determine if a page should be shown and in what order.

Finally, once the data is processed it is broken up into one or more files, moved to different computers, or loaded into memory where it can be accessed when a search is performed.

Basically, the search engines we use work as searcher and grab all the information or findings based on the keyword we entered but, the engines were controlled by the spider that fetches all information and gathers.

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