Monday, 29 May 2017

WEEK 6 - Network Protocols and Standards

The topic that we have learnt today is network protocols and standard.. The topic gives me loads of information about the protocols of using internet.
A protocol is a particular set of rules for having a conversation between two computers to convey a specific set of information. A standard (and in the networking arena, many protocols are standards) is a document that specifies something that has the overwhelming support and agreement of the standards making body.


  1. An example of standards would be 802 standards for ethernet3GPP for mobile communication etc.
One of them, 802.3u, lays down the specifications related to FastEthernet. If anyone were to design a hardware or software related to FastEthernet, they would have to follow those specifications and that new design would work with all the pre-existing, as well as future software's | hardware's implementations of FastEthernet


  1. An example of protocol would be TCP/IP,DHCP,ICMP,GTP,DIAMETER,RADIUS etc.
The specifics of the above would detail the addressing format, number of bits used, methods to decide grouping, size of data chunks and more

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