Monday, 29 May 2017

WEEK 5 - Connecting a Network : Wireless Technology

Basically wireless is a term used to describe telecommunication which using electromagnetic waves rather than using wire to transmit signals. As the table above showed pros and cons of wired and wireless technology. Wireless technology is generally used for mobile IT equipment. It encompasses cellular telephones, tabs,personal digital assistants (PDA's), wireless networking and many more.

There are so many uses of wireless technology in our daily life as students, employers, employee, teachers, scientists and others. For example, radio waves are used to transmit television and radio programs, microwaves used to transmit mobile phone calls, to connect network computers togethers. On other hand, radio stations that has similar transmission frequencies can interfere each other's signals. As you can see, wireless communications can be available at all time and almost everywhere. After all, this wireless technology is so convenient that no wires need to be run through building, over ground or underground. They are PORTABLE!

As we know there are lots type of networks such as 
  • LAN - Local Area Network
  • WAN - Wide Area Network
  • WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
  • MAN - Metropolitan Area Network
  • SAN - Storage Area Network, System Area Network, Server Area Network, or sometimes Small Area Network
  • CAN - Campus Area Network, Controller Area Network, or sometimes Cluster Area Network
  • PAN - Personal Area Network
Everyday, our technology is evolving and developing from one to another. We are getting close to world at the tip of finger where everything can be controlled with one single click. However, still we need to use this technology for better use rather than depending on it.

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