Saturday, 27 May 2017

WEEK 4 - Connecting a Network : Cabling and Hardware

This week I will explain more about networking software, wired network-types of cables and networking and their functions.

wired network - types of cables

coaxial cable connector uses Bayonet-Neil-Concelman (BNC) connector.

  1. fiber optic cable able to transmit signals over longer distances.
  2. it transmit light and eliminate the interference.
  3. for example, unifi. 
  4. fiber optic uses ST & SC connector.

  1. Two individual wires wrap in a foil shielding.
  2. Shielding provides a more reliable data communication
  3. Suitable for environment with electrical interference
  4. Disadvantage: Extra shielding causes more bulky

  1. Has 4 pairs of wires inside the jacket
  2. Each pair is twisted with a different number of twists per inch- to eliminate interference from adjacent pairs and other electrical devices
  3. Disadvantage: may be susceptible to radio and electrical frequency interference.


Networking hardware includes all computers, peripherals, interface cards, and other equipment needed to perform data-processing and communication within network.

File Server : large amount of RAM and storage space
                      : a fast network interface card

Workstation : configured with appropriate cables, network interface card and networking software
                         : do not necessarily storage capability, files saved on file server

- Network Interface Card : physical connection between network and workstation
                                             : 3 most common network interface → Ethernet card
                                                                                                       → LocalTalk connector
                                                                                                       →Token Ring card

- Concentrator/Hubs : central connection point
                                     lots of extra network trafic, network less efficient
                                     : for all traffic network

- Switch : can connect ethernet, toking ring and fiber channel
               : for one traffic channel

- Repeater : to boost signal
                   : can be separate device or incorporate into concentrator

- Bridges : connect multiple network segments
                 : connect different types of cabling or topology

- Routers : used to link different networks
                 : translates information from one network to another = superintelligent bridge
                 : direct signal traffic efficiently
                 : route messages between topology and cables

Network Gateway 

  • Internetworking system → joining together two networks that use different base protocols.
  • Can be implemented completely in softwarehardware or combination of both.

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